Multiprotocol label switching or MPLS

Mesh networking technology that prioritises the flow of data traffic by labelling the data packets.

Both WAN technologies, a leased line operates as a point to point connection between sites and data centers, whilst a MPLS operates as a full mesh solution.

A Leased Line as part of a MPLS means that the dedicated line maximises its efficiency in using its bandwidth.

Our short video on choosing MPLS give you an overview on the technology.

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Transcript: Why choose MPLS?

MPLS, a private network linking multiple sites and home workers, for increased resilience and security.

Multiprotocol label switching means efficient data flow management, as all of the data packets are labelled.

It helps your business cut costs and improve productivity.

The ability to apply Quality of Service mechanisms ensures high performance of voice, video and other data across a single network.

Its reliability across multiple sites is perfect for hosted phone systems.