The popularity of the leased lines continues to increase, as recognition of the link between strong connectivity and the performance of mission critical applications, and the demand for cloud & hosted unified communication (UC) services grows.

Leased lines offers a business, a direct, uncontended and dedicated ‘always on’ connection, that provides some of the best performance and reliability around. Having sole use of the leased line circuit also provides the assurance that no other organisation can access their critical data. Subsequently, for applications that require maximum round-the-clock service uptime and security such as CCTV or banking systems, leased line connectivity is a must have.

Leased lines are ideal for multi-site businesses looking to connect offices, as they don’t have to share their service with other companies. This ensures that they always have the bandwidth available to meet their operational and performance needs. With symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to 10GB, leased line connectivity also provides the performance needed to run the latest cloud and UC technologies, in areas including VOIP and video conferencing.