Providers are increasing the range of leased line solutions, as the technology becomes more affordable. From Leased Lines to Ethernet-in-the-first-Mile (EFM), resellers are tailoring solutions to more businesses than ever before.

As a direct, uncontended and dedicated ‘always on’ connection, leased lines offer some of the best performance and reliability around. With 24/7 connectivity critical to many industries, providers are seeing a growing demand for leased lines in applications from the emergency and medical services to security and banking.

For businesses where 24/7 connectivity is less vital, EFM is a good alternative. The connection is still uncontended and its symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to 20mbs offer businesses the performance necessary to run VoIP, VPN, hosted and cloud applications.

A leased line provider will typically offer a 7 hour service support package, available during normal working hours from Monday to Friday. In addition, suppliers usually provide the option of a broadband auto failover, so service isn't interrupted.