Leased Line Speeds are guaranteed. “Up to” speeds which you often see advertised for broadband do not apply to Leased Lines. You get the same speed for Upload and Download and it’s dedicated to you.

You can choose a range of speeds. For typical connections, the speeds range from 10mb to 100mb but they can go up to 10GBPs.

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2 parts to consider when choosing leased line speed

The Bearer Line

The Bearer Line

The Speed of your Data

The Speed of your Data

Easy to think of this as water in a pipe.

You choose the size of your pipe (the bearer line) through which flows the water (your data).

Choosing a bigger pipe means you’ve got more flexibility in how much water flows through it.

If you choose a 100mb “pipe” and start off with a data speed of 10mb, you’ve got the flexibility to increase the speed to 20mb, or 50mb or fully up to 100mb when you need to have more data speed.

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